Our Factory in South Korea

KGEC (Korean Ginseng Export Corporation) specialises in exporting a variety of Korean products and raw materials with health benefits, made from ginseng, red ginseng and lingzhi mushroom.

Since 2012, KGEC has been exporting Korean Red Ginseng products and raw materials to Germany, France and the Czech Republic.  Its goal is to introduce Korean Red Ginseng to companies and individuals all across Europe. In April 2015, KGEC registered the trademark ‘La Vivant’ for the EU and American markets. 

KGEC is working in conjunction with its parent company SJ Biotech, which was established in 1995.  SJ Biotech has its own factory with strict quality and hygiene control, ensuring outstanding quality output.

In 2002 - 2003, the company obtained ISO 14001, 9001 and IMS certifications. 

In 2004, it obtained HACCP certification. In 2008, it obtained INNO-BIZ certification and registered the patent on microorganism for Red Ginseng fermentation and food composition containing Red Ginseng. 

In 2009, it registered the patent on composition containing extract of ginseng of which bitterness is masked.

In 2010, it registered the patent on the method of producing processed ginseng or its extract and registered the patent on the method of producing ginseng extract using ultra high pressure. 

In 2012, it obtained GMP certification.


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